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International Friends of Kurdistan is an organisation which works to improve the situation of Kurdish people both in their homeland and in exile and to increase the world community's knowledge of the Kurdish issue which is of such importance to the whole of humanity. We have members of all nationalities in countries around the globe who hold public meetings and seminars, and organise campaigns to support the Kurds in every way possible.  As an organisation, we regard it as our duty to use the democratic rights we have to help people who have been denied them. Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria are oppressive regimes which have systematically denied the Kurds access to basic human rights, such as right to life, justice, freedom from persecution, freedom of identity and expression.

International Friends of Kurdistan is equally interested in every part of Kurdistan, every community that lives within Kurdistan and Kurdish exiled communities throughout the world. We make no distinction based on religious or political affiliation.

Please browse this site for details of upcoming events and campaigns that you could become involved in. All that is needed for the destruction of the Kurdish people is for us to sit back and allow it to happen. Please get involved to safeguard human rights, not just for the Kurds, but for us all.

Please see the news page for details of a new film about Kurdish asylum seekers which is currently being shown in Scotland.

Contact Information

Please e-mail us if you would like to support our work in any way or to give us information about Kurdish issues and events that you feel need to be publicised. Please do not send us any files attached to e-mail.

Electronic mail
General Information: dostkurd@aol.com